HELINET Consortium

Inception of HELINET Consortium

HELINET – Health Science Library & Information Network conceived by the RGUHS since 2002.The HELINET Consortium was started with a vision to improve the quality of education and research in the colleges affiliated to RGUHS in the state of Karnataka through enhanced access to high quality medical literature. HELINET’s goal is to deliver information to user’s desk-top, with round-the-clock-access. The Consortium has successfully accomplished the task of developing an e-journal and e-book consortium and a resource sharing model that networks 660+ health sciences colleges in the state of Karnataka.

Significance of HELINET

HELINET Consortium is first of its kind in the country when it was started in the field of health sciences information network in the year 2002. About 600+ core international e-journals, 2000+ e-books, 1500+ videos and databases are being subscribed/ procured and provided to students and faculties and research scholars pursuing their studies in various faculties of health sciences of all the respective affiliated colleges under RGUHS. About a million of scientific articles are being downloaded annually by our academic community, which is a healthy recovery of investments and enhancement of academic standards empowering knowledge and skills.

The HELINET Consortium created a memorable picture in the mindset of users of health science community which is reflected in the usage of a download of 21000 full text articles in the year 2003 when it was launched and today, the usage goen-up over 8 lakhs articles download per year. This is commendable growth in the utilization and progress in the e-awareness developed towards enrichment of scientific knowledge by the digital library and information centre of RGUHS. The HELINET Consortium has set a role model for adoption, implementation and extensive use by the larger medical community in the country as a National Focal Point.

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